CBSA Freight Inspection Fees

After searching border inspection I did not find any threads relating to the topic.

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Our truck has been pulled into CBSA for inspection, as a result they are unloading the trailer and reloading it. In order for our truck to get released we have to settle up for the cost of this service.

I have previously worked at an employer where we were able to bill back these costs to the customer and they in turn billed back the customs broker. This occurred on multiple occasions.

Our current customer will take some persuading as to compensate us for the costs we are incurring to transport their freight.

I'm getting some mixed opinions as to who is liable for these costs.

My logical thoughts are that we should not incur these costs as well as we should be compensated for our waiting time as our assets are not able to generate any revenue during this downtime.

Does anyone have experience or insight on the subject?


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Customs brokers will fight not to cover these cost but I've had them pay instead of us when I was on the asset side.


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