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Carriers W.S.I.B.

Discussion in 'Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)' started by keyfactor1, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. alx

    alx Site Supporter


    I beleive that WSIB is Ontario's version of the workmen's compensation board.
    We in Quebec have the C.S.S.T. which is equivalent if not worse.

    Unfortunatly the CSST does not give out letters of good standing.

    Although I know of no hold back system inj Quebec, that compares to what often happens in Ontario, where employers of sub contarctor's hold back up to 20% if the letter of good standing is not provided.

    I would imagine every Province has their equivalent board.
  2. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Manitoba Moose,

    WSIB is the worker's compensation (WCB) board for the province of Ontario. I believe the other provinces have their own boards.

    In Manitoba, it's called the Worker's Compensation Board of Manitoba.

    I too am interested in the $16,000 penalty one of the other posters mentioned. I was audited by WSIB as well, but they were more interested in making sure we reported all our employee's income and paid the premiums on it. No problem for us as we have always paid these premiums, as expensive as they are...
  3. Does WSIB only apply in ON?

    Sorry for my ignorance but I've never heard of having to have a WSIB certificate
  4. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    It is my understanding, that as a broker, you have to have current WSIB clearance certificates for all of the carriers you contract with, similar to a building contractor ensuring that all of his sub-contractors are covered (plumbers, electricians, etc.). As indicated earlier, WSIB is cash strapped and is looking to gather money from every possible source.
  5. Are you being audited as a broker or carrier? I was under the impression that the shipper was required to have an updated clearance of WSIB.

    Would a broker also need to have current clearance? Also, how were you penalized $16,000 from WSIB - were you paying off their dues?

    Great thread!.... Probably a few more things about WSIB that I didn`t know, but will now.
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  6. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    We are a carrier who also "brokers" a little freight now and then.
    We were audited last year. It was 2 full days of Q&A's.
    Fortunatly we had "clearance certificates" on file for all of our owner operators and "clearance certificates" on file for the outside carriers they asked to see. (good thing they didnt ask for all).
    There were no fines but we were written up for not having a current inventory listing of our first aid kit in the office, and a couple of other minor issues. Also we had a couple of commission sales people who worked for many differant carriers and invoice us for their $$. The highest paid guy made $1900.00 last year but WSIB wanted a clearance certificate from both of them to prove that they were not full time employees. Both sales guys refused to get with the program because they feared that they may not be "deemed independant" and will start having to pay WSIB.
    Bottom line is that WSIB is almost broke and their Audit department's main focus is to now look for revenue rather than looking for unsafe work practices. Too bad.
  7. hockeylover

    hockeylover Member

    Hello need to know

    This WSIB issue. How did that happen? Are you a broker? Please advise as you have my interest peaked now about the problems that can arise from lapsed WSIB.


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  8. hockey

    hockey New Member

    We had a WSIB audit 2 years ago but had eveyone's clearance certificate. The auditor could not speak English well enough, so I asked for one who could. I was called a racist. It is my business so I should have been able to understand the person who is trying to find fault with it.

    Long story short he could not find anything wrong. So after 3 weeks of him wasting my time and money I let loose with a tirade that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. His response was "I now have a list of everyone you do business with. I can now audit them."

    Your tax dollars at work.
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  9. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    They let it lapse or WSIB's new system has more glitches than microsoft says they have? We have paid ours - they will admit to it on the phone but still can't get the damm system to let us print it off.
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  10. needtoknow

    needtoknow Member

    We did an update on our carrier list and found that 30% of carriers had lapsed their WSIB. Our Carrier list is about 80 agents. We have begun to hold back the WSIB portion on all our brokered freight. Two years ago we got hit with a $16,000.00 invoice from WSIB because of carriers not having an up to date certificate.
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