Carrier Question - Best National Tire Account


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You'll need a minimum 500 rolling tires to qualify (some are 1000).
Bridgestone used to have some decent prices for a pretty good product... but I've been out of that world for a while.

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In my experience, you can get a tire guy off of who is much closer, has a spare tire in your size and can be out to your driver in less than an hour. Our costs are usually under $500 on the road for this, paid on Visa or TCheck/Comcheck etc. You may have to change out the tire when you're back at your home shop and scrap the tire but you still get a casing credit for it.

If you look for the tire guy that uses the national tire account he is usually a lot farther away, cannot come out for a couple hours, doesn't have your tire in stock or has to drive the other way about an hour to get it. Then when you get the bill - OUCH! You find that your tire price is protected but the service costs and mileage to replace the tire isn't.

We use premium tires in all positions (Michelin X-Drive Energy on tractors, Bridgestone R197 on trailer - no recaps) and monitor them closely. We've tried may options but this method wins hands-down and gives us little hassle on the road. We now special order our full maintenance lease trucks with these tires and asked them to take the tires out of the rate because we can do it cheaper.


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We are in the process of installing air pressure monitoring on all trucks and trailers, we don't have enough data to comment on how it works but we will know if a driver is moving on a soft tire because their flip flop couldn't determine that the tire was under inflated by 30 lbs. We use Bridgestone but it is not cheap but at least you can control the cost of the tire a bit.
We have been using the Tiremaxx on 4 trailers for over two years now. Wear is greatly reduced, there is NO odd wear on any of the tires. It's our go to spec since 2015 model year. I would highly recommend it.


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I would have to agree with Jim L. is a fantastic site. Not only can you search for help where the truck is down, there are also other functions that we are discovering. The site costs nothing to join and we have found it very helpful in supplying information when we need service in a specific area. It can also help with truck friendly routing.
When I had to deal with breakdowns, I used the website in conjunction with the website on MANY occasions if one of our preferred vendors wasn't in the area; very valuable resources. I do remember one service guy asking where I got his number, and I can't remember which site I found him on, but he told me that one of them if they paid some more money they will get a more desirable position on the list of vendors.

As far as tires goes, we used Bridgestone account mostly and as a back up Goodyear. I don't like Goodyear tires (wouldn't trust them on my wheelbarrow) so would typically use the Bridgestone and TA's when available 1st.


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