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This D..bag buys/sells old press equipment. contracted in July to move freight from Grimsby to Scarborough..Customer had no idea how much freight, no idea how many trucks he needed, no idea the weight, no idea on anything. But had to load on a SATURDAY and needs tarps that's all he knew. He had bought some equipment from a bankruptcy but no idea the size of what he bought)) Agreed to hourly rate...driver made three trips total 11hrs on a saturday (I know I know..)..then customer needed another truck three days later. Its now 75 days later and he is bithchin about the rate, and hasn't paid a cent....WTF is wrong with this do people sleep at night. Offered to pay about 2/3 of what I billed him and said that he thought that was a fair rate....Get Bent......And get this he said the driver took the long way from Grimsby to Scarborough.....what a tool

Just FYI the goods were dropped at a warehouse in Scarborough "80 Dynamic Drive"...If he buys and sells this crap, my guess is that someone will have to be picking it up from there or possibly dropping off more.

Not saying don't do it, Just saying get the money before its off the truck.


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I had the exact same scenario few years back with one difference. My "customer" (1st and last move) stopped returning my calls and figured he had free freight. So...did the BOL Act on the warehouse (they were listed as the consignee!) and low and behold...they were behind on storage with the warehouse. So they put them on Cash Collect and wouldn't let him leave with any machine until I was paid (and them). Waited a couple weeks..then VOILA...a magical call comes in "guess we should meet"....LOL. Was a great day for me to personally go get the money!

Received payment end of October for 1 of 2 invoices, still waiting for payment on the second.
My COST on the second load was $1,521.20, after 7 month is offering us $901...... and wants me to send email acknowledging this amount as "Final Payment".

It is extremely obvious this is not the first time..........

See words below "Endless supply of local Trucking Companies"...

These are their words
JAN 10 - "This will be my final email. A/P wishes not to, but I will ensure she sends a cheque for $900, to end this fiasco. I just sent some equipment to Minden, La, 1288 miles. $3500 all in, including taxes and border fees. What a joke. If you wish not to accept this one and only, offer, then we welcome court proceedings. We are ready and prepared. We will lose nothing by doing this, as, there is an endless supply of local trucking companies. If you sue we shall counter, to include lawyer fees. If the justice system should favour us, all my contacts, in the industry, be assured of that. Otherwise, lets end this promptly and silently. regards , Have a prosperous New Year"

Feb 13 -"You want me to instruct A/P to send the $900 as final payment? Our lease runs out in June, business slow. Thinking of closing"

Feb 13th - We accepted with a deadline of Friday.....Nothing............

Feb 21 - "OOOps. Did not see that email which says accept, sent on the 14th. I stopped opening the emails, awhile back. Change the date and send back, soon as you can. I will see her this afternoon, for a brief period. "

Feb 21 - resent acceptance to COB Fri lets see what happens


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Have passed this info along to our dispatch to avoid these company names if we happen to get a call, and suggest everyone else do the same...this type of behavior stated below is becoming a cancer to our industry that needs to be stopped...


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