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Canadian Specialized

Discussion in 'Preferred Broker' started by geech, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Tramp1947

    Tramp1947 Member

    I see that all the posts were from 2010 - 2011 . Did the guy with the driveline bill ever get paid? Just curious
  2. geech

    geech New Member

    Bouncing chqs

    Now he is bouncing cheques for trailer repairs. Promising to pay this week......
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2011
  3. JUST ME

    JUST ME Member

    Still not paid !!!

    Harry has still not paid for the work on the KW DRIVESHAFT heavey on the SHAFT part !!! If he's doing so great why can't he pay just over $1000.00
    for services rendered?

    He was part of Tri-Way Transport as well out of Petrolia Ont.
    Yet another mess !!!!
  4. stressbeater

    stressbeater Site Supporter

    Thanks Fladbeder! I appreciate the prompt reply.
  5. flatbeder007

    flatbeder007 Member

    Delivered 2 loads for us today into leamington, No problem.
    Good payers too they only broker the freight they cannot handle, His main lane is AB,MB,SK
    Talk to harry.
  6. stressbeater

    stressbeater Site Supporter

    Is this the same CANADIAN SPECIALIZED a div. of 2173924 ONT INC. residing/operating from 4 Bellini Avenue, Brampton, ON L6P 0X7.
    Phone 647-214-0690; Fax 905-794-1114
    CVOR 165-877-309

    Any updated information? Broker or Carrier ?
  7. JUST ME

    JUST ME Member

    Send AP info

    Send me you AP information I'll see if it works for me
  8. flatbeder007

    flatbeder007 Member

    Kept their promise

    just recieved another wire from them. This was also done within 24 hours.
    I just thought id keep you guys posted.
  9. JUST ME

    JUST ME Member

    Photo's and invoice

    I have photo's and ORIGINAL INVOICES thats all I need oh and a driver
    that can back my claims
    Go ahead take a chance !!!!!
    Sooner or later he'll do the same history is the same !!
  10. flatbeder007

    flatbeder007 Member

    Did talk to him about your last post, he didnt own that company he just gave them freight, I checked with link on that and they cconfirmed it. I asked him about the Drive shaft and he knows who you are and he said the work was never done on the truck.
    Buddy i am not here to have a war with you all i am doing is telling people out here he kept his word with me and paid me when i was supposed to be paid.
    I am doing more work for him this weeekend and we are supposed to be paid on monday i will keep you posted how that goes,
    But so far I am very happy.
  11. JUST ME

    JUST ME Member

    Safer Web Report

    Don't know but Safer as of today posts 4 units.
    dba as Canadian Sea & Air before and now dba as Canadian SPECIALIZED GOTTA HIDE ???
    Address do not match ??? 18 Stafford Dr Brampton Ont
    mailing address only
    AMHERSTBURG, ON N9V 4E3 as Physical address (905) 455-2500
    I have 647 214 0690 as a last good number
    A trip to Amherstburg resulted in a private residence
  12. flatbeder007

    flatbeder007 Member

    He has 14 owner operators. He brokers out his overflow. First he covers his trucks then gives the rest to us or carriers like us.
  13. JUST ME

    JUST ME Member

    Just want to be paid

    All I know is that I put a driveshaft into this guys KW back in APR 09
    I have photo's and parts invoices to back my claim if he will not pay me whos next ????
  14. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Just curious

    We have them in our system as a carrier. They also appear on Link as a carrier. Do they operate their own trucks as well as a brokerage operation? The reason I ask is, should I be concerned if I give them freight and then they double broker it? Just curious.
  15. flatbeder007

    flatbeder007 Member


    They sent us 4 refrences for the carriers and Believe me we called all 4 but they all came back the same, these guys keep their word and they all had been paid in 24 hours 1 carrier even less that that.
    So i dont know what your deal is with them, But i give them 10 out of 10.
  16. JUST ME

    JUST ME Member


    So ALL the outstanding invoices that I have will be paid too ????
    APRIL of 2009 still not paid !!!
  17. flatbeder007

    flatbeder007 Member

    Just did 2 loads for canadian Specialized, out of brampton ON to SK, they told us they would pay in 24 hours after the original POD was recieved, We sent them the POD via purolator, Got paid the same day that they recieved our POD. they direct deposited into our Td bank account.
    I was surprised to see that we still have some good brokers/carriers left in the industry.
    We will definatly use them again!.

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