Caldwell Transport Ltd

They are based out of NB.These guys are totally fraud, invoices are pending for more than 5 months now.
Gordon is the owner. he just giving us a run around.They already got the payment from their customer. However do not want to pay the carrier who did the whole job.
Kevin at dispatch involves in this too.
We are putting a claim against them.
Sorry, it's not still on there. The ACA credit bulletin is simply a weekly listing of companies that may have proceeding against them, or sometimes it's just a bad cheque, or a court settlement. From there, if you're concerned, you can order a credit report for a cost. I just saw them as listed with a very large amount of money listed as a Statement of Claim. I didn't request a report and would have to pay for it if I did.
They are fraud company, we already filed a law suit against them, we put a claim against their receiver too.
As the receiver is also the part of this thing, specially G.E. Barbour.
As they are giving him work knowingly that they do not pay to the carriers.
You can filled a law suit against them.
You will probably have to deal with their trustee. They are no longer operating, trucks and trailers have be re-po'd, and I expect any monies owing will remain owing. That is usually what happens to the small guys when these things happen.


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