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Anybody have any recent info on C&S Logistics ?

or C & S Logistics

7181 Woodbine Avenue Suite 109
Markham, Ontario

I have an invoice from December 3 and cannot get an answer out of this company. We have called several times and left messages for Patrick in accounts payable, he has never returned our calls.

I called today to speak to the owner, but a woman named "Lovely" told me that the owners don't come in much and she doesn't have any phone numbers for them, just an email address. And yes, that is the name she gave me, she even spelled it.

Anybody else?
Address: 7181 Woodbine Ave.
City, ST: Markham, ON
Postal: L3R1A3
Tel: 905-947-9499
Fax: 905-947-9828
Average Days to Pay: 56

Last payment was in Nov/10 at 34 days but now I have invoice outstanding at 82 days and it seems the payment trend changed when Patrick took over for Irina. BRING IRINA BACK!!!!
We also have an invoice due from the end of November.

I have faxed and left messages for Patrick - never seems available to answer the phone.
I sent an email to C&S Vice President John Middup explaining that if I did not have the matter resolved by the following day I would stop bothering him and just contact his customer to inform them that everybody gets to go to court because C&S is not paying their bills.

I received a call from the elusive Patrick the very next morning, and an email back from John Middup later in the day. They agreed to pay and I sent in Fedex to pickup the cheque.

Hey Scotto, if you cannot get in touch with Patrick and your invoice is overdue you should send email to jmiddup@candslogistics.com and CC Patrick at pyeung@candslogistics.com

Tell them what you are prepared to do to collect your money and give them a deadline. If you need more, PM me and I will give you his cell phone number. Good Luck.
C & S Logistics

I have 2 invoices from December and January. I have been getting the run around for a couple of weeks. Keep getting promised the cheque would go out. I finally told them on Monday that I was sending fedex on Thursday. They said a cheque would be ready. I called ahead today and surprise surprise - NO CHEQUE!!!! I did talk to a woman named Lovely as well and she told me she would get back to me when the manager came in today. I've heard that one before. I think its time to invoice their customer because she says I'm not even on the list of invoices to be paid this week!!!!! HAS ANYONE BEEN PAID BY THEM LATELY?????

That certainly is a long time to wait for payment. You should really contact Vice President John Middup using the email address I posted earlier. Give him a clear ultimatum telling him specifically when the final deadline is for payment and what actions you will take if payment is not received by then. I would give them a week at most at this point.

He got back to me very quickly when he realized I was serious. Give them this one last shot and then go to the customer if necessary.

Good luck.


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Thanks for your donation to the site. As for C & S - you will wait close to 90 days before getting paid. If it's a small amount and you can wait...then deal with them. If not...I would take a pass....


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