ByExpress Logistics

Having trouble collecting from this company, invoice is nearly 80 days old, voicemails are not being returned.

ByExpress Logistics
2678 Lancaster Road
Ottawa, Ontario

Owner is unavailable, cannot even get a message to him according to Kalvin in Dispatch.

Anyone dealt with them or have any information on payment trends? This is my first and now last time moving a load for them.


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I dealt with Omar a few years back, he helped me with a claim:

Omar Khan
Director of Operations
Transportation Logistics Warehousing P Save a tree. Please don't print this e-mail unless it's really necessary.
2678 Lancaster Road
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1B 4T7
T:613-739-3000 ext. 205

Maybe he's still there, maybe he can help?

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Thanks for the info guys.

I think Omar is still there and probably aware now, as I cc'd their receivables email address and when I got the read receipt back it had spread to two other email addresses, one of which was for Omar Khan. He must not have been in the office when I called this morning, because I made sure to ask to speak with the highest ranking manager in the office. I was told by Kalvin that there are no managers, only dispatchers and the owner who is not there.

The accounting email address is the one I have on file too.

We received an email from them back on July 21 stating that our cheque had been mailed the day before.

When I emailed them today I replied to that old email and asked for payment status. I got a response from Manoj Mahajan, same person who sent the email on July 21. In today's email, Manoj stated the following:

Cheque will be in mail by Friday or before but for sure this week.

I have put that under payment que and this will be on priority.

Best Regards,

Manoj Mahajan

Accounts Payable

Not only dishonest, but pretty dumb too imo... :confused:
Thanks for the info KBCR. I will contact her if my current plan falls apart.

I have spoken to Omar Khan (thanks for the tip MikeJR) and although our conversation was not a pleasant one, I believe he understands my position now and what might be the result of continued non-payment.

I am sending in a courier to pickup my cheque today.


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