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Bucky Trucking

Discussion in 'Carrier Relation' started by ShawnR, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Propete379

    Propete379 New Member

    Good old bucky trucking and stability express i wonder how many more rename trucking companies pery and Patrick and lesile will start up
  2. Straightshooter

    Straightshooter New Member

    I've been in the Western trucking business for 30 years, this guy has had a long history of improprieties... bounced cheques, not paying his carriers or his staff etc..bad stuff
  3. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Only 1 shipment paid @ 52 days
  4. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    He's got a long history of questionable ethics in business.
  5. BillD

    BillD Member

    Update for you all on Perry Shrigley/Bucky Trucking. His business ethics are piss poor and no one should answer there phone when this guy calls. Both outfits have no insurance coverage and SGI Canada will be looking into pulling his authorities as he claimed to be covered under SGI Canada but is currently not! He is now claiming he is part owner of another outfit by the name of PST Transportation, this is also incorrect. Please stay away from Perry or else you will lose a customer like I did. I just wished I saw all this before my employee booked a load with him. Lesson learned on my end and hope no one else has to experience what I went through with this clown!
  6. ShawnR

    ShawnR Site Supporter

    AB to CA Flatbed LTL - loaded 02/12 finaly delivered 03/04... Might have just been a bad day, but caused us a lot of head aches.
  7. Straightshooter

    Straightshooter New Member

    I've never heard much good over the years from this dude's business outfit and his practices. There is still a lot of tears and debt and bad taste with his old company Shrigley Trucking out of Edmonton. O/Os left in financial ruin, employees not looked after bad news...
  8. longhauler

    longhauler New Member

    This is a great place to haul for, if you can pay your bills with rubber cheques and stories about how it's not the owners fault they got that way. Piss poor business model in place at this outfit when you run into their trucks sitting for four days waiting for fuel money. I've learnt my lesson. Now it's time to see what the law has to say about the dishonored paper.
  9. Tramp1947

    Tramp1947 Member

    I was very lucky. I decided to stay away from this guy..

    Unfortunatly two of my friends didn't... One a O/O pulled three loads from Ont. - Ab for him.. So far he has bounced all the cheques.. Of cource the promises are there but my friend wasn't born yesterday and is now talking to a lawyer..
    Unfortunatly for my other friend he has put his eggs in one basket.. So far he is sitting waiting for fuel money to get this load off.
    The main theme for this crook is to give people just enough to keep them interested and hanging on in the hope that he will finally come good on his promises.. Unfortunatly people like him have been gettin away with this for so long they think they are untouchable.. HOPEFULLY one day they will find out they are not.
  10. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

  11. Tramp1947

    Tramp1947 Member

    Thanks that seems to go along with the other things I have heard. Just have to figure out how to do the search you mentioned. Oh the joys of being old and NOT computer literate. lol
  12. T800

    T800 Member

    Do a search on here on Perry Shrigley or Perry Shrigley Transport/Trucking.
    Should give you lots of info.
    Perry did a lot of people for a lot of money.
    Bucky Trucking owned by the same guy.
    From what I know nothing has changed only the name.

    BEWARE !!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 10, 2012
  13. Tramp1947

    Tramp1947 Member

    :confused:Has anyone had any relations with this company? They are based out of Edmonton Ab.

    I am thinking of doing some work with them. However I have heard some BAD thing about them. I have looked them up on Google and found a LOT of unpleasant comments being said about the owner. However most look to be from one or wo former O/O. We all know that can be slightly

    I would like some imput from others befor I make up my mind about them. :confused:


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