Brokers - which insurance co are you using

hey everyone

just looking to see what companies you are using for things like Error & omissions policy and contingent cargo.

We've been with CG & B for years, but wanted to look around the industry to see if there are better rates out there and thought this would be a good start in getting some of the company names/ phone # other brokers are using.


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We have all of our company insurance with Marsh Canada. I believe we deal with the Montreal office, why, I don't know, but they have a large office here in Toronto as well. We have had a good experience so far, the staff are responsive and knowledgeable and the rates seem competitive. Check their website for contact details.


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Marsh Toronto: 416-349-4403
Try Patrick, he may direct you to Josee or elsewhere. Great people/suplpier to work with.

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