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Okay, I'm in the market for new software for my Logistics Division at Manitoulin.

Must Haves: Quoting with Win Ratio reporting, Windows Based, EDI capabilities, Robust Reporting - margins, revenues, by coordinator, sales rep, and Customer. We are a larger company so it needs to be for a larger Logistics company. ]

Current system: A1 Transport or Accelos or Frieghtlogix. Pro's: Good Interface, easy to navigate, and can split into terminals/divisions. Cons: Lacking on the Reporting in a big way, hard to get what I'm looking for easily. Help and updates are tough to get set up.

Any thoughts on the best out there for programs? I have looked at UFOS - used it prior and is top runner right now. Truckmate - Used it before but seems to be too spread out in modules.

Thoughts on the following?

Any others that I don't have here?

Thanks in advance, also have read all the previous posts. :)


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We are in the same boat. Inet, Degama and Bluejay are on our list. Mercurygate is proving to be the most well rounded for our situation - that being 3PL/Asset based TMS along with CRM and WMS Hadn't considered UFOS - thought that was an older system, but will have to investigate.

If there are any members out there with recent implementation feedback I'd love to hear it.
I have a call today with TMW to get a demo done. I have used UFOS in the past but was quite a while back. Will have to check out Macleods too.


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Does anyone know of a brokerage software that measures the win ratio of spot quote to order.

We do a ton of spot quoting these days because the market has changed so much. Rates are volatile in some lanes and static on others.

I'd like to be able to determine (by report) what lanes we're competitive... What customers are using us as their rate department and so on.

So that our brokerage team can focus on what bears fruit and work smarter not harder.
Nawk, this is one of the main reasons I'm looking for new software. Currently from what I have read on Macleod's is they do this. Named a bit differently, but the same idea. I will advise if TMW has this later today after I speak with them.

UFOS was working on something of this nature, not sure if they have implemented it as of yet.
Accellos/freightlogix/A1 Transport definitely does not have this, it's quite a manual process for me to get this pulled out of the system and put in order for my reps and coordinators.


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We found with Macleod's that they did not handle Canadian currency and taxes very well, they may have gotten better, we went with TMW.


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