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Broker relations

Discussion in 'Preferred Broker' started by SQUALS, Oct 13, 2010.

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    SQUALS New Member


    any one use these guys as of late? looking to do some work with them
    how are these guys with payment terms?
    any help would be appreciated
  2. AGIAZ

    AGIAZ New Member

    What about Transporters Logistics LTD out of BC, or Transportes Logistics Towing & Storage LTD out of BC. Has anyone heard anything?
  3. needtoknow

    needtoknow Member

    There should be a section for Broker Relations:
    I did some business with Transporters Logistics out of Brampton Ontario who was contracted by Pacific West Express Ltd. There is something fishy between these two companies I think they are related by the use of the same phone# in the letter head. I have contacted their customer who tells me they used to be called ON CAR FREIGHT. I have Link looking into this as well. I will be investigating if anyone has more information please let me know.
    Otherwise be very careful with these 2 companies. They owe me money I intend to collect.

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