Beware Transport Lessard

Gord M

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We did a frozen load from Minute Maid in Peterborough to Kansas, it was in January and we along with many carriers were having difficulty with the ELD and what drivers could and couldn't do. This truck got away late by 12 hours but we were told Lessard would change the appointments en-route to the two drops. The new appointments Lessard made for the load were for two weeks later according to Lessard but they found a cold storage place and directed us to drop the load there which we did without incident. Never once did Lessard mention they would charge back a penny to us, yet they deducted $1,674 for 2 local deliveries............I tried to discuss this with their president Steve Lessard, as he was the dispatcher but Steve claimed to know nothing about the deduction. Until today, he responded 10 days later that he doesn't want to discuss it...............Beware giving trucks to Transport Lessard. Does anyone have a contact at Minutemaid?


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