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Good day all

We are currently using EZ Pass for our pre pass tolls and our quite happy with their service and rates, We have been using EZ Pass for quite sometime and have had no real issues . BESTPASS has been trying to sell us there service and product are guaranteeing savings on our transponders and tolls from EZ Pass, I am enquiring if anybody is currently using BESTPASS and if they have any comments about them and their service and rates good or bad ?

Thank you

Dave Carey
Carey Leasing ltd


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I would be curious to learn about alternatives also. We are constantly being overcharged by EZ Pass. I spend way too much time going through the statement line by line and matching each toll to each truck. Then requesting a refund from EZ Pass, you don't always get a helpful person on the other end of the line. We estimate we are overcharged about 5% per statement due to the pass not reading properly.

Jim L

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From what I am being told, EZ Pass and BESTPASS were two separate companies which eventually were combined. We were setup on both, one is pre-paid, the other is invoice and pay.
The have kept the same idea on their billing but incorporated it all in one bill for us so we see what was used for each. Both companies have relationships with the states that require toll collection.

To make it real confusing we use PrePass transponders which are linked to the BESTPASS/EZ Pass account. PrePass has its own invoicing.


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