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Best Rate Transportation o/a 1714281 Alberta Ltd.

Discussion in 'Payment Terms/Credit History' started by rickwill, Dec 28, 2014.

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  1. vanspek

    vanspek New Member

    Anyone with decent transactions?
  2. rickwill

    rickwill Active Member

    Anyone with a more recent up-date?
  3. bubba-one

    bubba-one Site Supporter

    Update: We did take a load form Best Rate Transport and were paid cod without any issues. I would still be very cautious on taking any more freight, just not a comforting situation when the payable department is in another province than the dispatch office, and the company uses two names to go by.
  4. Wiley One

    Wiley One Member

  5. Bill was advertising on Kijiji a while ago as a freight broker looking for machinery to haul. He rates right up there with Drew and Don from CMX in my books.
  6. bubba-one

    bubba-one Site Supporter

    Update for anyone - 1714281 Alberta shows a MC# 808367 as being out of service - NOT LOOKING GOOD
  7. bubba-one

    bubba-one Site Supporter

    Wondering if anyone has any feedback on these fellows. Have an office in Cambridge, On. looks like Billy Anger formerly of Agriculture Equipment Express is running the Cambridge office. Just wondering if they can pay their bills, possible load pending.

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