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Baroccon Wall systems

Discussion in 'Good & Bad Shippers/Recievers' started by Truck Finder, May 31, 2016.

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  1. Truck Finder

    Truck Finder Member

    Payment rec'd today after 120 days . Threatened bill of lading act and that sped things up . Customer paid an extra $100 for interest and my patience. Told me it was a pleasure doing business with me .
  2. Truck Finder

    Truck Finder Member

    Customer still operating but hard to reach , Payment from April 27-th shipment still unpaid .
    $500 owing .I guess times are tough out there.
  3. Truck Finder

    Truck Finder Member

    3100 steeles avenue west
    Concord ON
    l4k 3rl
    Contact Chekdar Batgi

    Anyone dealt with this company ? We did one shipment and now all phone numbers out of service .

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