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Autobahn Freightlines

Discussion in 'Preferred Carrier' started by MikeJr, Jun 5, 2014.

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    MADBOOKER Active Member

    Never had a problem with them as well.
    Would use again.
  2. Freight Broker

    Freight Broker Well-Known Member

    I've never had a problem with them. Pickup and deliver on time and they communicate well.
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  3. youngtea

    youngtea Active Member

    Any updates of these guys? They are picking up a load for me tomorrow.
  4. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    bspencer - it looks like DWC is offering news headlines but has no direct experience working with Autobahn Freight Lines Ltd.

    Here's a true service comment for you though:
    2 shipments together in April, Sunny and Javi communicate well and offer regular updates. They pick up when they say they will (at the same ETA given at the time of booking) and delivery apts are on time. I'm happy with their services.

    Keep well,
  5. bspencer

    bspencer New Member

    DWC...Do you have an updated service issue for Autobahn?
  6. DWC

    DWC Active Member

    I am not sure of their service but they had their share of trucks upside down in the ditch this past winter between London and Windsor. They also made the Detroit News this past winter when the trailer axles come off one of their trailers going north bound on 1-75 just outside of Detroit.

    The trailer axles ran over a car and fortunately nobody seriously hurt. With all of this going on I would be a little leery putting your freight with these guys. Just my 2 cents.

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  7. Watchdog

    Watchdog Member

    any updates?
  8. Dunkscd

    Dunkscd Member

    Autobahn freight lines

    Any update on their service?
  9. Nawk

    Nawk Well-Known Member

    These guys are clowns!

    We posted a load in Load Link. They called... I explained what was involved. Their first question "How much you pay?" (a red flag should've went up - my mistake I guess). We negotiated a fair price.

    Faxed them a load confirmation.

    Called them the next morning to ensure they were online to pick up. I was told "Yes, the driver is already there waiting."

    Shipper calls a few hours later asking what time the truck would be there to pick up.

    Called them back. "Oh, I thought you were calling about another load... I didn't really hear you when you said what company you were calling from. I don't see your confirmation here can you re send it?"

    I re-sent (my second mistake) by this time it was too late in the day and the shipper requested that we pick up the following AM. Called the carrier (they apologized) and agreed.

    I checked with them the next morning. They confirmed that they got the confirmation and the driver would be there shortly after 8:00 AM to pick up.

    Then 15 minutes later they call and ask if there will be any room on the back for one small skid. I said "No. It's a Full Load, Booked as a Full Load, it's a volume load... to the roof and to the back doors.

    You guessed it... they showed up to load with a skid in the nose of their trailer.

    Now on my DNU list. There are way too many good carriers out there than to have to deal with idiots like these guys.

    DIETCOKE Site Supporter

    Has anyone used Autobahn Freight Lines Ltd?
    200 Ronson Drive Suite # 211 Toronto ON
    Looking for service issues as I am thinking of using them on a shipment
    Thank you
  11. B-Train

    B-Train New Member

    Has anyone had experience with this company?
    Will appreciate any comments.

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