Auto Rail - Halifax

I have been trying for months to get in contact with Auto Rail. Can only speak with an automated machine to leave a message no on ever returns the call and payments are never made. Any contact information would be appreciated.


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Auto Rail? He was an east coast broker that would move cars through other carriers. I delivered 3 cars for him. He did not pay my company.

It ended up that he was paid by customers before i even picked up the cars.

I don't think he has been in business for at least a year?

We were never paid at all. The auctioneer would not pay nor would the warehouse i delivered the cars to.


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That makes sense Salma. But i am surprised to hear they have resurfaced in 2018?
Apparently so. If you do a Google search there are several complaints from this year on BBB and other sites.

Maybe someone should call CBC again and then the police.


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Henry these guys make their money and disappear then when it runs out they reappear go after a whole new bunch of unsuspecting people.


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