Anybody at all?? Any current info on Ashron Transport would be appreciated.

I have two outstanding invoices at 69 and 73 days today. I have been given the usual "Cheque in the Mail" story, not sure how far I can believe them...
jonny-chicken i did i load for him today two drop, i was dealing with derran , he is very nice guy, i when to they office to drop my invoice, he told me to wait for my chq, but i told him to sent out couse i had couple of delivers...A/P said they will sent out tomorrow, now i am getting scared l


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They are a carrier and like most of us , cash flow is an issue. I have done 3 or 4 loads for them over the past year and was paid close to 60 on both which seems to be the norm nowadays for the smaller freight brokers. I worked closely with their dispatcher a few years ago and he is a stand up fellow!
Hi Krazysilk & Johnny-Chicken,

This is Neil Smith, Vice-President of Ashron Transport. Our current payment terms are average 45 days from date of receipt of invoice. Most of our suppliers are quite satisfied with our payments. Note that our billing procedures require POD's and carriers who can't/won't provide POD's inevitably encounter payment delays. Carriers who don't assist in settling disputes will have the same problem.

I welcome anyone to contact myself or the President of Ashron Transport, Lionel Lefebvre, for any problems regarding late payments. If you haven't received a payment on time, it is either a mistake; or we have not received a POD; or there is a dispute you have not addressed.

As a carrier, we are in the same boat as the rest of you and we're all just trying to make a living and offer the best service possible to our clients while respecting our suppliers.


Neil Smith
Hi Ashron,

Nice to see someone getting in here to respond to statements made about their company, welcome to the forum.

For the record, my problems were not caused by me not providing PODs, and I certainly wouldn't have much to complain about if I couldn't at least provide the POD.

I did end up speaking with Lionel during the collection process and found the information he provided me to be accurate. Unfortunately by this time the invoice was 60 days old. I received my payments at 69 and 73 days from invoice dates. Taking out 3 weeks to allow for mailing in both directions would mean that these invoices were paid approximately 48 to 52 days, not far off from your stated terms of 45 days from invoice receipt.

The problem for me was it was our first time dealing with your company so I wasn't sure if I could trust what I was told so I tried to get some info here.
Just an update on our current situation with Ashron. 3 invoices totalling $5500.00 from Feb 23, 24, and 25th of 2011. So far we have received $500.00 and have been promised a cheque for a month now. I will update when I have more news.
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It has taken over 4 months to receive only $500???

You have a long way to go if this is the "pay back" model they are using....

Appreciate the update but at the same time - sorry to hear that....
Just an update on our current situation with Ashron. 3 invoices totalling $5500.00 from Feb 23, 24, and 25th of 2011. So far we have received $500.00 and have been promised a cheque for a month now. I will update when I have more news.
At this rate you should be paid in full by the end of May 2012...that's quite a payment track...NOT!
Hello again all,

Just an update from Ashron Transport. Things have not changed - the company is virtually bankrupt and unable to meet their AP and bank commitments. I personally (Neil Smith - 50% partner of Ashron Transport for those who do not know) have however paid back some larger invoices in part and some small invoices in full to over 15 different companies who had not received payment from Ashron Transport.

I am doing this from my other international forwarding company, Ashron Freight Services Inc., which existed PRIOR to Ashron Transport and does primarily international air and ocean freight ,and since the problems with Ashron Transport, truck brokerage too. Ashron Transport Inc. was a trucking company that brokered about 50% of it's loads. This company had the financial trouble due to many factors, including some questionable management decisions that I admittedly was part of, but mainly due to the bankruptcy of our largest client, Salerno Bags, where we lost $137,000.00.

For the record, I made a partial payment today of $700.00 to Farmerscotty (thankfully his username gave me an idea of who he is) and I will continue to do my best to pay down his invoices, just as I have done and am doing with many other carriers. All I can say is that I am doing my best. If it is not good enough, I can only apologise to you sincerely and say that I will pay you back eventually with future earnings, but I need to make money in my current business to be able to pay anyone back. As I stated this in my other posts, Ashron Freight Services Inc, is existing only for me to earn a modest living and to pay off carriers that lost money with Ashron Transport. FYI, we are currently paying from 0 - 30 days max., significantly faster than the industry average.

Anyway, as usual, feel free to call me anytime at the same numbers 450-692-0444 (office) or 514-913-3480 (cel) and I will try any help you in any way I can. FYI, yes, these contact numbers are the same as Ashron Transport - it is because they belonged to Ashron Freight Services Inc. before Ashron Transport ever existed.

B. rgds,

Neil Smith
Owner/President - Ashron Freight Services Inc.
50% owner/Vice-President - Ashron Transport Inc.

as Neil stated we did receive $700.00 dollar payment today from Ashron. This puts our account at $4300.00 outstanding from Feb/2011. Will keep you informed when we receive anything further.
Ashron, I don't think people understand how unusual it is for Ashron Freight to try to compensate unsecured creditors of Ashron Transport, when Ashron Freight is under no legal obligation to do so. Sadly, I would guess that 90%+ of the people out there would wash their hands of these creditors, because it's the easy thing to do and it's completely legal, but that doesn't make it right. I hope you can make all Ashron Transport creditors whole and that they will come to recognize your efforts to do so....they may turn out to be your most loyal partners.
Any update on Ashron Freight services inc. payment history? any body dealt with them recently? Did Neil end up paying for Ashron trucking as he mention in his postings?
We have done about 10 loads for Ashron in the past six months.

Payments seem to be like clockwork at around 45 days from invoice date for all of these.

Things seem to have changed there for the better.


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