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Discussion in 'Payment Terms/Credit History' started by ashron, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Neil, We will continue to work with you also. Keep up the communications. Thank you.
  2. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Hopefully, this is also my last message on this subject...

    Thank you Neil for clarifying the situation, so people here know I don't just make this stuff up...

    I will also provide a clarification...

    We had dealt with Linda for some time on invoicing and payment requests, so we assumed she was A/P. Apparently she is in dispatch... It was Linda, and not Ashron's A/P who stopped responding to our requests and apparently lost our emailed invoices, as mentioned in this attached post.

    Neil and I have had some back n forth email in the past day and it seems we have resolved our differences...

    Although I don't think we will be going out for drinks or a picnic anytime soon, we have agreed to continue doing business for our mutual benefit. :)

    Thank you and good day!

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  3. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith New Member

    Hopefully, last message from me on the subject:

    I didn't know who Jonny-Chicken (JC) works for so I did not know what payment he was talking about in his Feb. 2 & 15 posts. I know who he is now and it was a file that our dispatch dept admittedly did not handle well and process the freight invoice to AP. Our AP did not ignore the company and in fact, when they were eventually called and it escalated to me, a cheque was made immediately. JC was then advised to copy our AP dept to their invoice emails to avoid a similar future delay and, further, a new payment plan was put in place at 25 days to ensure payments received by mail by 35 (a good example of what I mentioned in my verbose post: when a vendor is not satisfied with our payment terms, we make special arrangements).

    As far as I know, all is well since. They take our loads and we pay on time.

    I suppose I jumped the gun on this one. I had no problem until reading that JC accused our AP of ignoring his multiple requests. Simply, a dispatch CSR, for some reason (I am sorry, I don't know or remember why), did not reply to his requests. AP and myself solved the issue the moment we were contacted.

    As always, I invite anyone to contact me directly with any questions, problems or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Neil Smith
    Ashron Freight Services Inc.
    cel: 514-913-3480
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  4. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Actually... I had to put my closing statements into a new post...

    Apparently, there is a 10,000 word maximum! haahahaa...

    I don’t post about slow payments to have fun, or ruin anyone’s day… I am simply an employee of a company and it is my job to collect these accounts. I also feel it my duty as a member of this board to provide information to other members as they have done for me.

    I try to be as careful as I can about details I post on this forum as I know they will likely be challenged, so they should be accurate…

    In your company’s case, I can say for sure that we did receive our payment at 78 days (sorry, not the 80 days I originally reported) and the email requests we sent were not responded to. I have saved all of the emails and cheque stubs and can present them here if you want, although I’m not sure I see the point of all this… In fact, when I look at the stub for your cheque it has a date of Feb. 3rd 2017, which by the way is a full 10 weeks after my invoice date of Nov. 23... I did not receive the cheque until Feb. 9...

    However, I really do not wish to continue this soap opera…

    I really didn’t expect a response like this… You must realize you are only making things worse… The most I expected in response from you would be something akin to “Thanks for updating this forum so others know that I pay quickly”… but hey, that’s just me… Instead you have drawn even more attention to your company's problematic payment history...

    We are just business people… If you would like us to continue moving your freight, we would be glad to, so long as we receive payment in a reasonable timeframe. If you decide you do not want my company to move your freight because I have reported on your company’s past payment trends, then by all means stop offering us your freight.

    Thank you and good day!

  5. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Wow… That is quite a verbose response…

    There’s a lot in here to respond to, so I will intersperse my responses with your text in bold…

    And then there are my closing statements that you will find at the end of this post, after your quote...

  6. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Neil, It is not an issue. We expect payment based on the terms agreed to. When Originals are requested in advance, We start counting days once we deliver the Original. Otherwise we start counting days from the time you received our invoice and pod, by email. Again, we never have an issue providing the Originals, but it is not reasonable to request it after as to cause further delay for payment. Thanks again for your openness.
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  7. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith New Member

    Hi HT,

    Only some clients require original POD. Agreed, dispatch should request this at booking if it is not the usual procedure. Sorry for the delay.

    I am happy to communicate - always have been. Ask JC : )

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  8. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Yes. I can have that emailed to you. I'm told you didn't receive the original pod. Which was the reason for the delay. We have no issues here supplying an Orihinal Pod. We would rather know that at the time of booking in future please, not after the fact. Thank you! Happy to see you communicate.
  9. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith New Member

    Hi HT, I just saw your post too. 70 days? This is not obviously not normal and not acceptable.

    I need to know if our AP is not getting payments out on time. Can you please email me your detail so I can investigate?


  10. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Thread name changed.

    Keep well,
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  11. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith New Member

    Hi to Big T also,

    Sorry I didn't reply to you in Jan. As I mentioned, I am not a regular on this site. I appreciate your having taken our load at the time and it seems you received your cheque right on our normal schedule. I hope this was acceptable to you.


  12. Neil Smith

    Neil Smith New Member

    Hello Johnny Chicken (and others),

    I haven't been on this site in some time and just noticed this message today from an email from Inside Transport. I had put this thread on a "watch" but didn't realise the messages from Inside Transport in my inbox were related to the forum - I thought they were just the typical "Latest Topics" emails, which I mostly ignore. Anyway . . .

    Note I wish we could change the name of this thread to just "Ashron" or "Ashron Freight". As explained over several postings years ago, Ashron Transport Inc. was an asset-based transport co. that went bankrupt in 2011, so any reference to them (as in the title of this tread) is outdated and really has nothing to do with Ashron Freight Services. For anyone wanting the explanation, read down this thread or others on the topic "Ashron").

    Thanks for the confirmation that the last cheque was received at 33-35 days, but i just want to mention we didn't change our payment terms. For the record, we prepare weekly cheques (every Thursday or Friday) of what is due at 30 days. For some time, I got into the habit of signing them only early the following week, however, so this does put us at 35+ for some payments. This schedule has been satisfactory with all our vendors and I can't remember the last time one called with a concern or complaint (we are not a big broker, but we pay out about $80,000.00/week in trucking, split between hundreds of carriers - I would say our average of satisfied vendors is pretty good). If I ever do get a call from carrier (mostly US-based ones) that are receiving cheques too late, we pay them a week or even 2 earlier to accommodate them. We also "Quickpay" carriers that require it, but we prefer to put a limit on this service to keep a healthy cash flow.

    We do not purposely pay anyone longer than this schedule so if our AP has missed a payment for any reason, please contact me. I see down the thread that you mentioned an invoice was at 70 days and our AP "stopped responding to emails". I just spoke to Elaine in our AP (the sweetest and most humble person you can ever meet) and she assured me categorically that she did not ignore anyone's emails and she never would. She has been overwhelmed in her work, on occasion, and our fiscal year-end is Jan. 31 so this could have accounted for couple of days/weeks MAX delay in any payments, but I can only ask, if you took our load, know Ashron Freight Services and my history with the failed transport company, why didn't you just call me? After all these years I still don't know who you are, so I can't look into any issues of late payment to your company. Maybe a dispatcher had an argument with your company and would not authorise the invoice for payment or maybe there was some other explainable delay. If this ever happens, I get a call from the Manager/Owner of the carrier and we'll settle it immediately. If I am not aware of an issue, I can't fix it and I don't scrutinise every payment we make. Generally, we pay on time, if not, there is usually an issue of some kind. or is it just human error.

    If you don't want to provide your company name on this forum, please send me an email to so I can look into this issue. I suppose we are doing regular work together by the info in your postings - I would ask that you show me 2 courtesies: 1. tell me where you are from so I can look into any past payment delays and 2. contact me directly in the future if you are experiencing any payment delays from us.

    I know you don't like the long-winded blah-blah answers and you will tell me you were only replying to an inquiry, but I would think that after 6 years with no Ashron payment issues quoted on this site, that I have earned the courtesy of a heads-up from you if we are behind on a payment before giving the impression on a public site that we are or may be becoming delinquent payers. There is no reason you should have received a legitimate payment at 80 days so I just want the opportunity to investigate.

    Thank you.

    Neil Smith
    Ashron Freight Services Inc.
    Cel. 514-913-3480
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  13. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Recently paid for 70 days. I guess that is better. But thats it!
  14. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    I am happy to update that payment terms have improved substantially...

    Latest payment received at 33 - 35 days !

    Thanks Ashron!
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  15. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Latest payment received at 80 days...
  16. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    Our latest invoice has now reached over 70 days and their A/P has stopped responding to emails.
  17. bigt

    bigt Member

    Yes, we did do load for you guys and was paid in 39 days. Thanks
  18. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    I've watched this account as I have had past problems, and have noticed payment performance has been slipping since the summer.

    Payments are closer to 60 days now and it seems that their A/P person is losing invoices that were sent by email to the same email address we have been using for some time...
  19. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Glad to hear you're moving forward and there was no fraud. Trucking can be very difficult! I've read many of your posts. Well done Neil!
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  20. Freight Broker

    Freight Broker Well-Known Member

    Good job Neil.. sounds like you had some very bad luck, but you're back up on your feet again.

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