Any Loblaws is a threat to your next load


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Seems most union receivers threaten to make you late for your next pick up as they are in no hurry to offload. Always a pain when Loblaws is involved.
Walmart is also a threat as I've had multiple drivers end up stuck longer then 48 hours resulting in cancellations on backhauls. Seems carriers always get the shit end of the stick.

As long as the load is moved for the customer and delivered that's all they care about. Not the time of others.
The moral of this story is don't play with the big boys if you don't know what game they are playing........if you have 50 trucks or less don't take any freight to the Walmart's or Loblaw's, they will eat you up. Stick to Costco and other reasonable consignees. Loblaws answers to no one, the brokers that book the freight for them are the only ones that make money from them...............get your waiting time agreement in place before picking up the load if theres nothing else to haul.
They are all starting to feel the pain, they are coming to us looking for capacity out of the states but you can't give what you don't have. Loblaws and Walmart have both asked for help and basically the answer is pay more and get the trucks unloaded faster is the solution, if the freight market stays tight they will slowly get Gord M says have you waiting time in place.
Sobey's everywhere are impossible. I do not take freight for them any more. Loblaws is another one down east here that will book an appointment for 8pm to unload 5 skids and the truck will get out about 1am. Since I started adding a bulls**t tax I no longer get asked to go into them.


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