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38 Maria Antonia Rd Woodbridge 905-612-0010
We are looking to use this carrier on a load and was wondering if anyone has any information.
Thanks in Advancew,
Lady in my office (van side) uses these guys religiously, on timed deliveries. Sukh or Nevi, great carrier, good communication. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!
put the loads on back of other companies wagons and lots of other things to "look" careful. not a company some people have pretty things to say 'bout.


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They pull a lot of loads out of Quebec going to the West Coast. They are all picked up with outside carriers, brought to their dock in GTA, cross-docked and reloaded. We had a few loads we told them could not be cross docked and had to load on the same trailers they loaded on...they agreed (Harmon) stating they just take their 'partner carrier' trailers direct into the US...after re-iterating this about 5 times, we gave them a chance. All the loads were cross docked (they arrived on time mind you, but after telling us 5x that they would remain on the trailer and not doing so, leaves a bad taste). Too bad, service was good.


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No question, the satisfaction of receiving good service can quickly disappear when you realize you've been lied to. Crazy that any company would do that.


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