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Morning all,

I have a question I would like everyone's input in. If you are booking exclusive loads that only have 40' on them and then the shipper adds additional freight on 1 of the loads should you be compensated for that extra? Would it change if the load was Dry Van VS Flat Deck?


Historically always moving as dedicated loads with 40' of space.
Weight vary from 12,000lbs to 30,000lbs per load.
The additional freight adds 15000lbs to the load but not over 44,000lbs total.



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Exclusive use is a service level ... indicates that the buyer is taking full control of the truck regardless of what is on it, so long as it is legal. A customer normally does this because they don't want other freight interfering with theirs from a service perspective or in some cases from a compatibility or contamination standpoint. In this day and age where so much freight is moving using CT-PAT standards (if not CT-PAT certification), a seal is put on and it can't be broken until the delivery point anyway.


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My first question would be, is the agreed rate based on truckload or LTL? You described the loads as "exclusive", should we take that to mean no other freight is loaded on the remaining space? I don't think there would be any difference between an "exclusive use truckload" van or flatbed. The only variable might be if the rate quoted was originally based on using a single axle tractor for the light weight loads and then with additional weight added, different equipment was required. If an agreement has been made for a shipper to have exclusive use of the equipment, it shouldn't matter if they use 10' or 53', 5000lbs., or maximum payload.
I agree with lowmiler88. If I've booked it as a truck load, then I have all rights to load it as such. I like to work with my customer, as long as this was only on occasion I wouldn't say anything, however if it happened more regularly, I would mention that the rate was based on the lighter weight and thus the fuel savings associated with a lighter load. Pulling heavier means more fuel and I would like to negotiate for alittle extra on the heavier loads.


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to qualify some points:

weight was never discussed.
always moving exclusive (so yes....FTL)
the lighter weight was always a bonus AFTER the rate quoted.
As a carrier (very small but still)), I'm with lowmiler88 and theman on that one.
Just watch the trend and if become more than a 50% or so, follow bellcitytransport advise.
Doesn't hurt to ask them, how often they planning to fill a full trailer. Tell them you need to plan your fuel expenses, eh...
Good luck..!!


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If it's only once or twice, I wouldn't charge for it but if it becomes habitual then I would charge a little extra to cover fuel and scale costs (if needed).

We don't operate flat beds but I would assume that more freight means the driver must do more securing and tarping (if required). Unless, of course, the initial rate already includes securing and tarping of a fully-loaded trailer.
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