ACE/ACI After Hours


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What is everyone using and are you happy? We have been with BorderConnect (Adminserve) for a lot of years but huge service issues are forcing us to take a look at other companies.


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Ours is integrated with our TMS as well, works well for us, eliminates double entry, and automates sending of the entry data to the trucks without operations involvement.
We use Border Connect and have not had any issues, but we don’t use them after hours. Most of our clearance are done during business hours and any that do come up after hours we do it remotely.
I’m curious as to what the service issues with them have been?


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During the day we are integrated and it works well, we have a lot of clearances that we cannot get the paperwork during the day so we need after hour service, we will do 3 to 7 a night as it gets later in the week.


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