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Aberstar Fast Freight

Discussion in 'Preferred Carrier' started by MikeJr, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. KPtrans

    KPtrans New Member

    60-90 days to get paid
    As a customer, unacceptable payment terms always a run around
    Would prefer not to do business with them
  2. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Pretty sure they are, we've worked with them within the last 3 weeks.

    Keep well,
  3. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    Is Aberstar still around I was at an auction last week and a bunch of straight trucks with their name on the door rolled though the sale.

    DIETCOKE Site Supporter

    I only have them listed as a carrier. Are they brokering freight now?
  5. Unbeliveable

    Unbeliveable Member

    Can anyone give get me current payment terms (trends) on Aberstar good or bad.
  6. Baddbullitt

    Baddbullitt New Member

    Richard is still around. Kenny left over a year ago, and Dave left just after that.
    I was their compliance guy, (who got laid off) But that's business!!!
    Still a great bunch of people over there!!!
    If anyone knows anyone looking for a top notch Safety & Compliance guy!!! I'm looking, and darn good at what I do! :)
    Last edited: May 22, 2013
  7. DC Ramer

    DC Ramer New Member

    I am curious about the layoffs at Aberstar...what about Richard Wilder, Dave Cullen and Kenny Lewis...are they still around assisting Chad?
  8. Nawk

    Nawk Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that... I will keep my ears open Jackie
  9. lnglegs

    lnglegs New Member

    Yes we have been laid off. Danny, myself (Jackie) and Mark from health and safety..So if anyone is hiring I'm available! LOL..

    I understand if you call Aberstar they will tell you I'm not in today...haha..
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2013
  10. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys,

    I heard (from a solid source) that there have been layoffs at Aberstar (several office and safety staff).
    Have they been replaced?
    Is everything ok over there?
    I hope so, we were always quite happy with the service and the people we dealt with...

    Keep well,

  11. JIT A/R

    JIT A/R New Member

    Got an invoice 58 days past due and it's been 'paying next week' for a month now!
  12. xwestcarriers

    xwestcarriers Site Supporter

    Hey Ashley, Longtime no see, where are you at these days???
  13. Honest Trans

    Honest Trans New Member

    Aberstar is owned by Kennedy Transport but it's under his stepson Chad.

    They have put so many people out of business.

    DRUGS, LAUNDERING MONEY, FRAUD. They all have been in jail - St.Gelais is the stepfather - check back - they were all over the TORONTO STAR,
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 28, 2011
  14. Styx

    Styx New Member

    I agree with Needtoknow. This is an informative site and a necessary site. It is sites like this that at least to some degree keep unethical owners/companies on the up and up to some degree.... or at least accountable for their actions. Without this site or, bad owners would have the run of the land and screw people over without a care in the world. So Kudos to this site. If a company is doing a great job and treating their customers right there should be no reason to see them end up here with a negative review.... if they do often than where there is smoke there is fire. And that is my friends...informative information that a customer likes to know.

    PS: I have used Aberstar as well and have had excellent service from them .....much better than Over The Road in fact although I use both. I however do not know about the claims that are posted here of the scamming and losses of folks life savings so if that is true than that does upset me too. But for now I cannot prove that for myself.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2011
  15. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    So you are saying that they sound like a typical trucking company these days..........
  16. money issues, drug/alchool/physical abuse... and much more, sounds like a bitter ex-employee, but never hurts to ask!!!
  17. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    Regarding what????????
  18. Aberstar

    Any one get a funny e-mail about Aberstar last night?
  19. Mud Puppy

    Mud Puppy Member


    I also had a family member loose his truck because of them. Sounds a lot like ScotLynn.
  20. Patchouli

    Patchouli New Member

    All the things you hear about Kennedy are true. It is common knowledge in the industry that Aberstar and Kennedy are related in their dealings. They have a terrible reputation in the industry and frankly, I haven't ever met someone in the trucking industry who wasn't aware of their pernicious business practices.

    It is not only the naive newbies to the industry that they are ripping off, but also the leasing companies they deal with, and the carriers they place these new drivers with as well. Many carriers will not take on another Kennedy recruit any more (except for guess who?), and most leasing companies won't provide a lease for Kennedy's clients any more either. They have pretty well exhausted the locals and they are reaching out overseas to recruit honest, hardworking people from other countries to bring their families and life savings over here, to spend on the opportunity of a lifetime. They leave a wake of broken dreams, financial ruin, and shattered lives in their path and I don't have a clue how the owners or employees can sleep at night.

    You can see the strong arm they wield if you have a look at 'Michelle's' post on and see how she retracted her statements. It's pretty obvious they weren't retracted in good faith. Perhaps that is why people speak online with anonymity.

    I am not bashing anyone here or anywhere else for doing business with Aberstar though. If the price is right, the service is good, and their owner/operators stick with them, how can a business not take advantage of that? If we all lived by principles, we wouldn't be eating tomatoes or doing any number of things in our daily lives. I'm thankful for sites such as these that can at least try to educate the unknowing about the sharks amongst us. Reality bites, but hopefully someone somewhere will avoid being bitten after reading this thread.

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