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Kennedy Scam

Kennedy Would Refer A New Owner Operator To Aberstar And Some Others Who Would Inturn Run The Trucks For Nothing But I Do Not Know That For A Fact That Is Just What I Have Heard From An Independent Owner Operator That Worked At Aberstar. About 8 Months Ago

yes you are right... aberstar and kennedy group are father and son... john sagatoris(not sure if this is correct spelling) has caused more owner operators to lose everything by selling trucks and putting them trough aberstar for a few months and then when they don't make money aberstar sends them out in the industry to look for work, have had the unfortnate pleasure of meeting way too many guys who lost everything tru them.. see some of you posting what they great bunch of people they are..... ahhh well shows just how much attention you guys pay to the industry you work in..
i know 10 or so company's that got taken in over the last few years...blew all there savings and lost everything.
alumi bunks yard is full of failed str8 trucks owners caught up in this mess...
but hey it's buyer beware and you cannot really blame them when you buy into an industry you know nothing about just on someone's say so that you are goingt to get rich...
nobody local really deals with them anymore and that is why it's mostly the indians and pakanistanians still getting taken...
good luck...
like i said....perfect breeding ground... :)
I have known many owner operator's who worked for Aberstar and lost there shirt and pants. Kennedy who advertises make $3000.00 per week owning your own truck. Places these unsuspecting new comers to the trucking world at Abertstar to work. This is why Aberstar can offer low rates to the east coast because they have a revolving door with an endless supply of new comers. I have met a few of these guys who are great guys who just want to work. Unfortunatly the high down payment which Kennedy keeps and the extreme high payments on these trucks and high insurance for the less qualified makes it impossible to operate at todays transportation rates. These guys lose there life savings or family's savings to start in this business. Like they say at Kennedy there is a sucker born everyday.
This forum was set up to discuss what a good job carriers/drivers are doing for us. Not to air out rumours and allegations that people have heard. Just because I have never heard these rumours does not mean that I am blind to the industry I work in. It's real interesting these allegations are coming from people that hide behind a fake name.
I have never had a bad WORKING experience with Aberstar they have competitive rates, (NOT CHEAP ONES) excellent customer service and they're drivers provide excellent service.

bart, i have already posted my name and number on here...
and i know right from back to your gerth days that you know about these situations....so don't bitch or hollor about the industry when you endorse these type of companies.
you make money of them and they do a good job good for you... i personally don't support these types of companies,never have and never will... but that's my screwed up principle's.... not a day goes by that i don't cuss out my dad for giving me a few morals. could have been rich by now after 28 years of this crap....but i do still enjoy dealing with alot of good people out there (yes you are 1 of them....you have a great outfit yourself...keep it up)
proably have a few x kennedy/aberstar guy's yourself :)
First of all Stryker its not Bart it never is Bart posting I have mentioned that several times. My name is Jessica and you don't know me or where I come from. I am not bitching and hollaring about nothing.
As I said I am unaware of any of these allegations and the jobs Aberstar do for me are good and I will endorse that.

do apolgize, and yes you are correct... was under the impression that it was bart who also has 30 years of playing around in this field endorsing such companies as aberstar.... you are correct in that you may not know much about such companies and there ways of doing business,you are getinng 275 to 300 a skid to ny,ct,nj,etc due to outfits such as this...and it has been this type of business practice over the last 8-10 years that has made it damn near impossible for a legimate company paying taxes and benefits and such to make a living.
p.s maybe to avoid future confusion,the owner should do the endorsements to avoid misconceptions such as this...
You know what...I am not getting into a pissing match with you. I am not going to allow you to try and make me out to be one of the bad guys. You have no idea what I get or sell freight for. And furthermore there is no misconception Bart has no time for this and he backs everything I have to say and I speak on his behalf when needed.


Well said. X west Carrier does not give a dam about the good carriers.

They like to SUPPORT people like the ABERSTAR which is owned by his step son of the Kennedy Transporttaion that put a lot of people out of business.
they all have in jail as well for fraud.
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