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Double-brokering loads on loadlink. They call carriers up to offer them loads that they book with a US brokers. Been going on for several months but the frequency recently simply cannot be ignored anymore. I am aware of at least 1 freight broker told me he had a very mad client because Northern Force never did find a truck and gave the load back at the end of the day at the precise moment the load had to be shipped.

I have added them to my NU freight broker list and any calls will go unanswered.


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How is it that 2 years later these guys are still operating and still double brokering??

I know they didn't get my load because of this site - thanks Admin!!


After hours call (near 6PM or so) on Tuesday or Wednesday this week I get a call from this company (Jessie) who is awefully excited about my late pickup (TL) in Zanesville OH back into ON as his truck is empty some 100 miles away and he doesn't want to lay 'his' truck over... A few phone calls later I advise I'm having a hard time getting a hold of the shipper (really I found this thread) and he goes - get this "... ok, I'm a broker, it's not my truck anyway, call SpeedX if you get a hold of the shipper, tell them I gave you the lead...". Seriously?

This thread is about Northern and so I'll leave it at that.

Thanks again insidetransport, I feel a donation coming on...

Happy Friday!



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Does anyone have any recent info about this company? Any improvements or are they still up to the same shenanigans? I just got a call from them for a quote so I need to be ready, if they call back and want to give me their load.


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