5815267 Manitoba Ltd dba Manitoba Transport

I just received this info from my insurance company:

It appears there is a group of suspects that are using the forged identity of 5815267 Manitoba Ltd dba Manitoba Transport. We believe they have already gained possession of 5 or 6 loads. Make sure you confirm you are dealing with the legitimate company. Suspects are using phone204-296-1342 and DispatchDave204@gmail.com.

The legitimate carrier info is attached


What is the attachment? It doesnt appear to be a legal document just something written online.
Do you have emails showing the same info directly from Dispatchdave204@gmail.com iie carrier package? If not I would certainly not rely on information shown in the attachment.
This is legit. We have lost a one way trailer to them, which they then used in Quebec to load bedding going to BC. We discovered this when the owner of that load called accusing us of stealing his load. DispatchDave and the MB phone number are the correct information. If you Google the address of the insurance company it is a Co Operators. My mistake was not calling them directly


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